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Friday, May 27, 2011


Many internet safetysites have free softwares that can be used to ensure safety. the Safer Internet Project ( has the Safe Eyes parental control software that runs both on Windows and Macs. Designed to be a family internet manager rather than parental control software, this centres around music downloads, games and instant messaging rather than just resricting sites.
the K9 Web Protection ( is a free download that is both an internet filter and a program controller. Besides blocking more then 70 categories of sites including pornography, gambling, drugs, voilence/ hate/ racism, malware/ spyware and phising, it also does a Force Safe Search on all major search engines.
the free trial version of Kids Watch Parenting Software ( is a good primer in handling and using such software besides maximising the efficiency of time children spent on computer. it is very popular for its chat monitoring reports that allows parents to see the complete dialogue of chat conversations on Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, AIM and MSN.
... it's important to talk about internet safety issues (to children). for tips on starting the conversation, look at
There are many aspects using the internet. with blogging, games and internet on mobile phones, it can be difficult to really track use. For parents the Netsmartz.Org ( is a crash course on the dangers that these options involve and ways they can educate children to stay safe.
It is easy to be unfamiliar with the many terms used in the cyber world today. For any question you might have always wanted to ask but didn't there is Thinkuknow  ( an education initiative by the Child Exploitation and Online protection (CEOP) centre, U.K. Their sections on grooming, mobile phone and gaming safety have useful resources.
The Family Internet Safety Gameplan is a pledge that children and grownups sign promising to stay safe online. print your copy to hang over the family computer at
....An exciting, new, multimedia resource, the program site at is designed to make technology easy....
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